On The Rails

November 01, 2004

Hello World

I've discovered a great new platform for web development.

It's called Ruby On Rails, or RoR to those that love it.

I've also discovered that it's still relatively undiscovered.

Sure, in some circles it's generating buzz akin to a swarm of killer bees. Indeed, googling "Ruby On Rails" just returned 6,310 links which is a hell of a lot more than a couple of months ago.

Still, for mere mortals like myself, resources for new RoRers (consider it officially coined) are not as abundant as they could be.

I've often hit a problem, only to google it and come up short. Then I've either spent the next 5 hours tearing my hair out, or I've stroked my luck and come on a mailing list, irc entry or blog post that's helped me out.

And there's the thing - there's heaps of people out there blogging almost exclusively about J2EE/ Struts or ASP.NET, but I've not found one yet that's focussing on our beloved RoR.

So to, the purpose of this blog: write about my thoughts and experiences as I work and (if I'm feeling antisocial) play with RoR.

Whether you're

  • a seasoned RoR or Ruby professional willing to offer the odd gem of advice,
  • a newbie (like me) who can't wait to learn new RoRing tricks,
  • so bored out of your brain you've nothing better to do than read the random ramblings of a wannabe geek...
...drop by every now and then for a cup-of-tea and a glimpse of life. OnTheRails.


  • Hi,

    I wrote a tutorial on Ruby on Rails that explains how to implement a Todo list program. It's available at http://darkhost.mine.nu:81/~vince/rails/tutorial.html

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2 November 2004 at 01:00  

  • Thanks Vince. I'm particularly interested in the last part of your write-up, using helper methods. Might give it a whirl and write it up here in a few days.

    By Blogger RoRy, at 2 November 2004 at 09:37  

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