On The Rails

November 02, 2004

Getting Started

So, maybe you've heard about this Rails thing. Maby you've watched the movie, and gone "Wow...". Maybe you've even followed the instructions on the wiki and discovered a gem or three.

What now?

Well, here's a list of sites/ resources I found useful when I first started out. It's by no means definitive, so feel free to leave a comment if there's anywhere else you'd recommend budding RoRers dig.

On RoR

  • rubyonrails.org ~ pretty obvious. But there's some good stuff kicking around the wiki. In particular:
    • The Rails Academy ~ tutorials created by the masses, for the masses
    • Example Applications ~ watch and learn from others
    • the Wiki feed ~ subscribe to it with your favourite RSS reader. It's not perfect (there's something dodgy going on with the links), but with the wiki starting to sprawl a little, it's a good way of picking up on stuff you'd otherwise miss
  • irc ~ still best place to get instant help from fellow RoRers. Play nice and they'll treat you with kid gloves. Well, almost
  • mailing list ~ one bulk mail worthwhile diverting from the spam folder. Very active & informative
  • "ToDo" tutorial ~ I've not yet worked through this in it's entirety, but Vince, my first commenter has some excellent tips and tricks
  • Testing with Ruby On Rails ~ testing is an integral part of RoR, and another area I've but dipped a toe in. Steve makes it all seem so easy in this draft tutorial. Good stuff

On Ruby

  • ruby-lang.org ~ Ruby's official residence
  • Ruby Garden ~ A community blog from Ruby's English-speaking luminaries. They've also got an excellent wiki filled with stuff for noobs and pros alike.
  • The PickAxe ~ the definitive guide to Ruby. No two ways about it: get it. Get it? (Dave & Andy, the authors, have just released a much-improved 2nd Edition, available at pragmaticprogrammer.com
  • DHH's resources ~ David lists some other excellent places if, like me, you're still getting started with Ruby


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